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At ASTROLOGY with JACQUELINE BIGAR you have access to your daily horoscope. You will also find "Love and the Stars", your weekend horoscopes. Jacqueline offers personal readings for clients. She also the author of "Women and Their Moon Signs" as well as various articles.

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Jacqueline Bigar

About Jacqueline Bigar

Jacqueline began to understand and apply the techniques of astrology at just eight years old. Today, she's well known for her astrological readings, her book, and her work on TV. Her horoscopes have been syndicated across the United States, as well as in English-speaking countries, and she was recognized as the first astrologer to have a regular, ongoing appearance on television. Since 1978 Jacqueline has shared her astrological insight with anyone willing to listen and has successfully predicted many of the world's major events, including every Presidential election since 2000.

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