ARIES (March 21-April 19)  One would be hard pressed to find an Aries who is not daydreaming, planning  or on a trip beginning March. This desire to travel and/or escape the present perspective dominates through the 18th. Your focus will then tumble on  your image at work or within the community. You become unusually conscious of how others view you..with respect ,competence? You put the words in as these traits vary from person to person. With this development, your investment and energy centers on this area of your life. To some people, you will look like your are driven.  To those who work around you, they might feel as if you are pushy. You know what you want.

If single or attached, you might feel as if you cannot make the first move during the period prior to March 7.. That feeling will rapidly change on March 7 when Venus enter your sign, for the remainder of the month. You probably will not have time to worry about calling or making the first gestures. Your magnetism soars. You might have problems keeping up with your calls. This is one peak point  this year as far as desirability.

Close to March 22 , confusion becomes a player. Confirm plans, times, meeting places. Do not stand on ceremonies with a misunderstanding.You will be a lot happier if you don’t.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Others cannot help but notice you at the beginning of the month. You catch the boss’ eye, and develop a firm core of followers...excuse me admirers. By the second week in March, you will have some personal issues which could hold you back. You might feel less than great, especially if attached. Your sweetie could develop a case of the grumps which could last for several months. Know you cannot change their mood, only they can.

The story changes if you are single. You do need to be careful as to who you let  into your life. You could meet someone who is emotionally unavailable. On the other hand, during the last third of the month into April, you can expect a blast from the past at any given moment. You could have a hoot with this person.Use this same period towards the end month, for some reflection and much needed downtime. Soon, yes very soon ,you will be barely able to rest …

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)  Your focus might easily be work-work and more work. In any case you might be very much in demand professionally. 

However the entrance of Spring, dawns also a budding social life which verges on demanding. Try not to make a big deal if meeting times or a misunderstanding occur from about March 22 on. Your ruler goes retrograde the last third of the month,.. Some of you will experience blasts from the past. You might like what you discover about a past flame. You also might discover the real reason the bond failed.  You also could have a chance to make up for a past mistake , or an offer again. If you want what is on the table, know “this is it”. You might not get a third chance.

Please note that Mercury Rx does not need to be backfires or chaos. It can be second chances. Keep that thought in mind.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) You start March with a Full Moon in Pisces-a fellow water sign. Up to the Spring Equinox, your psychic ability soars.. You are also more likely to take off for never-never land, or play out a fantasy that you would usually.

During this period until the Spring Equinox, follow your feelings. Afterwards  slowdown. This period is tension laden,and as a result without even realizing it, you could trigger a lot of negativity from work and/or a loved one. This period to the end of the month is perfect for using the exercises to relax you learned at your Yoga class. Whatever you need to do, to stay calm and centered would be wise to do! We all have our unique ways.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)Really what is going on has little to do with the fact that you are the sign of romance and the good times. It has to do with the planets who have decided to give you a treat . least until March 20. Whatever is going on is long deserved. Bathe in the good vibes of the moment.

A financial hassle could occur after the Spring Equinox if you are not careful. Try to avoid mixing business and friendship. Also a friend could be touchy, or perhaps a little jealous of what has been going on for you. If there was ever a period, he or she would give you flak, it is now. Remember you value this person even if you don’t right now.  Stay cool, calm, and collected. A friend from the past also could appear. We feel sorry for you with all the admiration and adoration--- you could receive!


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)   This month presents challenges to your sign.  

The whole period that the Sun is in Pisces, your opposite sign you could be tested. The planets are giving you your report card for the first six months after your birthday. 

If the experience is a piece of cake, you know you are living your year well.  You get an A. If there is flack, you need to eye the area with flack and make an adjustment. Otherwise you could be heading into a rough period where your year might be not as good as it could have been. This could also impact the following years depending on what is going on.

When the Spring Equinox arrives you will be a day away from your ruling planet going backwards. This particular retrograde could impact finances  shared with another person.  Be as clear as possible and do not jump to conclusion. The end results will be better. If a misunderstanding occurs, do not stand on ceremonies. Generally when your ruling planet moves backwards, events of this nature occur.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)  You could be overwhelmed with your list of must do’s, errands and juggling an already tight schedule. Until March 20 you could be deluged with all that you must accomplish. Your sense of responsibility emerges. Make sure each project you complete is tightly wrapped up.You will not want to redo any part with Mercury going retrograde March 22-23.

This retrograde could cause unusual reflection and  detachment if it works its wonders and you are a positive person. On the other hand, it could cause major uproar and problems where you haven’t completed a project completely or have not yet heard back if the project met supervisors’ okay.

 A trip could be cancelled  in this period. Do not feel jeopardized by anything that comes up for you. You also could hear from someone from a distance that you have not spoken to for years.  Stay cool, calm and collected-if possible.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You have had a lot to preen about of late. Jupiter the planet of good luck and expansion has been in your sign for awhile-only now by the second week of March, it is retrograding, The planet does not lose its beneficial qualities when it goes retro but its vibes feel weaker. What often happens is we turned down  an offer or an opportunity while the planet is direct, later to have second thoughts. We often get another  opportunity to go with the offer.

 Spring enters March 20, mercury goes retro in the 48 hours that follow- adding a somewhat driven tone to your actions. You have a goal to accomplish. 

Do not allow a problem to arise between you and a friend.Misunderstandings could cause rifts that could be even harder to heal.  You are one of the signs that could experience a blast from their past during this retro. Who would you like to conjure up? Know you can also make the first move.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) When the Sun is in Pisces (as it is now) or Virgo, you ,might discover you act sometimes in a compulsive ways. Issues arise from nowhere it seems, but they have been there forever in some form.  You just was not aware of them! You could find a project that you began a few months ago hits a problem.

 Mercury Retro arrives a day after  Spring and could impact your relationships, especially a main one. Understand misunderstandings come in with a Mercury Retro. That is the way it is. Laugh rather than growl. Do not stand on ceremonies.  Try to be as specific as possible about meetings, times and locations. Your creativity soars as Spring comes to life. You too could easily hear from a past loved one. Do not push this person away. Listen. Problems invigorate and inspire  unusual creativity.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Extend yourself, make that extra effort through March 20. You will learn a lot about the people that surround you.  A question artfully stated could open up  a situation you often questioned. Know at the moment, you need to listen rather than comment or state your case. What has often made you curious can be answered finally. 

After March 20, Mercury Rx appears adding some hassles around your home, with family or those you live with(could even be the family pet).Try to postpone repairs if possible to after the retrograde ends. The quality of the work could be much different and far better if you can postpone. Expect a few domestic hassles during this period. “Let it go” needs to be your mantra. Uproar simply isn’t worth it.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You are not a materialistic sign yet money and its impact on  your personal security will be high on your agenda until March 20. Perhaps if you have been simply more materialistic , you wouldn't need to deal with everything that is or could drop on your lap.

Meanwhile the boss as of the second week March let’s you know what he expects from you. It seems you can never satisfy this person. You will learn how to handle them and maybe get a bonus once you do,months down the line.

 A child could act up out of the blue as of March 22 when Mercury goes Retrograde,,-.and wouldn’t you know it, your significant other sides with the kid? You might need a talk with the other parent emphasizing the importance of unity from the parents. Single, expect a blast from the past. 

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)Happy Birthday dear fish. This year could be memorable and stupendous if you stay open. New doors reveal themself  and should you walk through them you might see a situation if not life differently. 

 Christen your birthday with a mini trip. You will be starting the year on the right foot. You will want to absorb different lifestyles as well as thought systems.

 On March 22. Mercury goes retrograde not only impacting your friendships and slowing up progress on a key goal.but also might mess up a primary relationship. A Misunderstanding could be the source of the problem Be a smart fish, do not stand on ceremonies. Then you will clear this period well.