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 ARES: Your energy switches near the beginning of February. You have been intense and have chosen to relate on an one to one level. Your intensity has  been focused on one person,,at a time. You have been intensely looking at your finances, insurance  policies and any bottomline life issue. 

As February appears around the corner, your desire for a change of scenery emerges. You might actually book a trip to warmer lands, Many of you will sign up for a class or two, perhaps to bone up on new developments in your field. Others will draw someone , which could be a foreigner who helps you open up past your established filters. You might see as a result a brand new world. You are a sign that is reflective and open. 

This month is about broadening your horizons, expanding your circle of friends and zeroing in on something you want. To many people, you seem lucky this month.

TAURUS: All eyes turn to you this month. You might wonder what are these people thinking about? It seems you are playing out the role “ leader of the gang”. Certainly you like the attention, but on some level you could get bogged down with responsibilities.

You might wish for more light moments which will arrive through a friend or a get together of several family members or friends. You might be burdened a little more than you like with a male authority figure  and responsibilities. A partner might be quite pleased by all the acknowledgment you are getting. Be grateful for their positive vibes which are with you.

GEMINI: You might be recuperating from the holidays, and have given a great deal of thought to a key relationship. Sometimes this person is cold but they are always there for you.  They are one of the inner core people in your life. Do not even try to imagine what life would be without them, 

Travel seems to be part of the next few weeks. You might hop on a plane as if you are going to the mall in your car. The distance might be significant, but suddenly you are in yonder lands. Also a possibility could be that you could have a visitor from a distance. In either case you might find you are thinking of different ways and styles. As February begins, the drive to understand different styles and ways emerge. You also might want to take off ;you  cannot take one more day in the cold chilly winds of February.

CANCER: The Moonchild is ruled by the Moon. You feel the ebb and pull of each movement or planetary interaction the moon goes through. As a result of this changeability, you are often associated with a glow rock, You also feel and become more “moody” during Full and New Moons.

This month has a Lunar Eclipse the last day of January. In general, you are most likely of all signs to feel the impact of this phenomenon. Lunar Eclipse stem or come from a Full Moon, Also this eclipse could be felt by certain degrees  of Aquarius and Leo. The impact is likely to be emotional and personal. Your home life could to be impacted. A female in your life is likely to be impacted, and if you are a woman, you might feel this lunar eclipse quite intensely. Eclipses usually signal a change-a closing out of a situation, What iit will be replaced with  will be much better, but that might be hard to believe as you are going through this process.

 A Solar eclipse occurs February 15. A solar eclipse announces a new beginning is possible in the near future. However, something or someone might need to clear out in order to make this change so. Men are more likely to be impacted, and some of you will discover you have a bit of identity crisis. A crisis could occur professionally. The first impact of this eclipse will be one week later. The eclipse completes 1 year from the day of when  it occurs with a stunning, positive change.

Keep the spirit up and know that only good events will eventually come out of what you are experiencing,

LEO: At this time of the year, at the halfway mark from your birthday the planets provide you with a report card. If you go through this period without a hassle, you are on your way to a great year. If the month is fraught with hassles, problems etc, take a hard look at the areas which seem out of whack. To ensure a good year and a successful one, make needed adjustments. Your life will improve as well.

The lunar eclipse on the last day of January could impact you directly, especially if you have your birthday around July 30...give or take a few days. You could also feel this eclipse if you have planets in Leo or Aquarius degrees of 25 to 29 degrees. The timing on this type of eclipse is complex. Do not even expect to know what is going to happen  -even at the month mark. How it impacts you depends on your chart , planets involved etc. Eclipses are Uranian in nature. You can never guess what will hit.

The Solar eclipse on February 15 could also impact you.  A man could have an identity crisis, For a both sexes career issues could come up. Energy could be an issue for either sex. If you have planets  from 25 to 29 Leo or Aquarius or are born from August 13 to 17. you could feel this eclipse.

You could be overly busy especially around your home. You could be remodeling , buying or moving. You also might have a new member to your household.  This is an excellent period for making adjustments to yoru domestic life.

VIRGO: The holiday season could be over, but you are more than ready for some romance. In fact, if single, you could draw a serious minded type person who offers you many of the traits you would like in your sweetie. This person is practical, realistic, probably capable of earning a good living. When he or she gives their heart away, it is not a rental for a week butx forever. If attached, your relationship could heat up but you will notice your first child more than ever. The charm oozes out of them.

Those of you who are artists will love a very creative few months. Your communications continue to excel and no one can tell your story or speak about who you are, better than you. You give a very good impression right now, If looking for a new job or trying to impress someone, don't worry. You will do quite a number on the other person,

Day to day communications take a high priority-for now. You might be overwhelmed at times. But it will all evens out.

LIBRA: You simply fall right into the moment, wherever you are. You feel as if you have a lot to offer at present and this feeling resonates all over you. Drawing members of the opposite sex happens a little too easy as you will need the art of the diplomacy as you have to say no to this person and that person.

if ever there was a time to flirt and draw a new person in. it is now. Keep it light and both of you will be happier in the long run, You are in the mood to indulge someone and you will do just that. As a result of your actions and attitude, this indulgence is likely to develop into  a two way street,

If attached, the two of you could start acting like new found lovers. You could be entering quite a torrid period. Enjoy. If you have a child, he or she will add to the quality of your life this month. Enjoy this period where you can let down your defenses and be pretty easy going. Make every moment count.

SCORPIO: Jupiter in your sign-the planet of good luck, expansion and wisdom , nearly promised the good times. You are likely to go to extremes this month. You have a certain image you want to present in public which might somewhat conflict with the wild thing that lies within.

Your home and domestic life becomes a high priority. You might experience a shake-up which might trigger many of the changes that could face you. Someone you care about could move in with you, for example.  You could decide to remodel your home after a damaging incident Fireworks between you and your roommate might cause you both to settle down and do some strong thinking.

A return to the good times is more than possible with Jupiter in Scorpio. Just ride the wave.

SAGITTARIUS:  All you have to do is reach out for someone and  they appear as you would like this month.  You also could have several surprising calls. You might not realize how  energetic you seem to many people. Your energy gets others off their duff. They cannot simply do nothing while you run around. You could find you have a friend who joins you with many of your errands.. Communicate your feelings and listen to theirs as well.

Mars enters your sign at the end of january adding to your zip and energy. You will seem sexier to those around you.However you can also be more combative. What you do not want to start is the War of the Roses with anyone, yet that could happen in February.

Relationships and communication are starred in February. Do not look for calm. You also could feel at times you could blow your fuse; prevent volatile situations from evolving through expressing your hurt before it turns  into anger.

CAPRICORN: You have become more serious than you have been previously., Yet that serious demeanor  becomes more tense this month. You have three major planets in your sign as of mid December., You might be starting to feel the weight of Saturn in your sign

Also a problem after the end of January is Mars (anger, sex, energy, fighting) in the sign Sagittarius. This planet lands in your solar 12th house. You could have to deal with strong feelings of anger that seems to come in from left field. You are simply becoming  more conscious of your feelings. Be careful with an attraction you form this month. He or she might not be everything they project. You know how to be a cynic. Do just that.

AQUARIUS: Technically the month of your birthday is a positive month, that is to say after your birthday. Prior to your birthday , you could feel off, wondering about your life choices, this past year. and what you would like to have happen in the next year. 

Two eclipses occur during Aquarius time. If you were born around the mentioned dates, you might feel the eclipse energy in the months that follows. The first eclipse occurs on January 31. Your relationships might be affected by this eclipse. The other party could want more time with you and tantrum if they do not get it.For some of you, you will feel depleted by this eclipse.

The second eclipse is on February 15. Those born around this date could feel its impact. Again how it affects you will be determined by your chart. You will experience a depletion of energy on the day of the eclipse. This eclipse could impact your health your relationship or your career, Don't assume it will be a negative, It will take a year for the transit to complete.

Your image draws many admirers and opportunities this month. Go for what you want.

PISCES: The month before your birthday is often a period of reflection. Again depending on your chart and your experiences of the last year, you might feel a little down,. For some who have had a great year, there could be trepidation around this next year.  Will it be as good? After a rough year,. You might be despondent at the thought of another year like the one you just experience before your birthday, but once your birthday occurs you feel much better. 

Keep the faith! Jupiter is trining your sun all month long helping you create more of what you desire. Do not be shy, -just go for it, Your time with Jupiter in this position is limited.You also could meet a very interesting person from another culture. This person will open your eyes to other ways, if not this month in the near future.

Reflect as you come into your birthday. Make a wish list,, remember this list when you blow out your candles on your birthday. Dreaming up this list could make your days a lot happier. Do not worry by the way, if a friend becomes distant or difficult.This too will pass.