A glimpse at your 2018

Your Next Year 2018

ARIES:  **** Chatter and opinions seem abundant as 2017 waves goodbye and 2018 enters. Of course there will be champagne and other such articles of celebration. As you hug and kiss your New Year companions you might wonder “What really will happen in 2018?”

Probably the most significant change you will experience is the exit of the perpetual unexpected events that has added dynamite to your last seven years. Whether you realized it or not, you were the source of the unpredictable energy.

A certain stability takes over late spring. However, be smart and hold onto your wallet and make sure you act on good if not excellent advice about your financial investments. You will note whenever a backfire, occurs, you come out ahead.  A partner’s or an associate’s resources play into the scenario. You might gain from risking. Still be careful.

You will be seen far more often out and about -a force in your immediate circle and community. You will be considering your role here and  professionally in 2018. Feel free to enact changes-if you would feel more comfortable.

TAURUS: ****A certain darkness lifts in a key relationship probably just before the New Year Celebration. Have no fear, this heaviness especially around a partnership probably will not return. Your desirability  and charisma becomes quite apparent as the year ends as well. If a significant other is playing games, they could find trouble heads their way, as you walk around the corner with a new loved one!

Greet 2018 with the thought of new beginnings, especially in your love life. Take the time out to consider what it you really want and desire from a relationship.

Come May 2018, especially if you were born in April, you become unusually orney or unpredictable. You are unlikely to tolerate restrictive situations for long. To many people closely associated with you, you might seem like a bolt of lightening, full of flash and excitement. Yes, my dear bull, you will be that brilliant and tantalizing in 2018.

GEMINI: ***As the old year turns over to the New Year, your ruling planet once more has finished doing a backward jig.  Plans might of changed.You are in the spotlight, others will notice and appreciate you. Hassles  in general mean more to you than others.

The “waffle” dance which will mark New Year’s  Eve becomes a given this year. You learn a lot about your support systems and your soundness financially by yourself and within a partnership.

You are a conservative sign, generally sticking with the status quo yet you,- Gemini are capable of a revolution in 2018.Your career and professional image soars if you eliminate playing into gossip and confusion. Work hard, be diligent . You will see many changes professionally, many of them engineered by you.

To the observer, you appear to have it all together...that is if you keep the lid on the wildness around your personal life. 2018’s message for you: cut the judgments and just flow with this year’s ups and downs. All is well that ends well.

CANCER:*** Why all the upset as 2018 arrives? You might be creating pictures off your fears for the next year. Remember the power of thought. If you can think “it”, “it” can become a reality. Cut this fear scenario ASAP.

Create your perfect year in your mind and share this thought with others. Your mind this year will break past self-imposed limitations nearly making any dream possible. By 2019, you will be writing a pamphlet on the art of manifesting.

An important person in your life could become difficult , distant and changeable. Give this person the space to transform. You might not enjoy the now with them, but you could absolutely love and adore the person that emerges from this testy period.

Single moonchildren will have so many suitors, they will be exhausted by the sheer thought of dating. Decide what you want from a relationship. Keep  in your mind’s eye your ideals for a relationship.especially when meeting  and getting to know potential sweeties.

Your mood changes will not stop. For your sake,  don’t try to suppress your feelings.. Your strength comes from your fluid emotions. Think of yourself as a beautiful glow rock.

LEO: ****A positive karmic aspect dominates  Leos through November 16, 2018. You can make mistakes but somehow all works out well anyway. 

Your home life seems filled with abundance, love and warmth. Many of you will witness new additions to your domestic life and changes that make you smile. Do not be surprised if you suddenly decide that you need a bigger home. Look at all that you  have integrate  into your life this year.

Your day to day life feels easier. You are happier, and  you might even witness a promotion and/or pay raise. You seem able to incorporate a lot more into your daily life. You make friends naturally wherever you go.You feel great, even if you adding  a little paunch around your waist.

You might view the world as unpredictable and hard,  yet when considering your life during 2018, you realize what a good life you have. On that note, choose a very special champagne to pop on New Year’s eve. Better lies ahead.

VIRGO: ****Plans as to how you greet 2018 could be subject to change not once, or twice, but even more.  Be flexible.

You open up to a much faster pace and an expanded social and work life because of your communications skills.  Others  want to continue discussions. A positive ,upbeat attitude helps carry your message. 

New and better items to tune up your ability to communicate become a priority. A state of the art tablet and/or cell might be some items that you cannot say no to. How about that VW you went out to buy and came home with a Porsche? Extravagance comes with this keen ability and interest in communications.

You watch a child transform who they are. If single, your lovers become more and more intense and “deep”. Worry not, someone quite dreamy will be appearing sooner or later . Prepare to be knocked off your feet. Until then, go off and enjoy. Live it up Virgo!

LIBRA:**** You have what it takes.  You will witness expansion financially this year.  Do not stand in your way to worldly success.The wise Libra will understand not to spend every penny as it comes in. If you use sagesse, your coffers will expand to an all time high.

A yet unexplored talent might come forward. This gift could transform into a second source of income. 

Your priorities become guideposts as to what to do next. Try not to get caught up in “the story” but rather the existence of an issue and the appropriate resolution.. Say yes to new ideas. Be willing to try them out.

Oddly others this year ,want to “possess” you . If you can tolerate this type of demand, make it okay.  Remember the other party simply is expressing how much you are valued. Be flattered.

Do pop a bottle of that very expensive champagne you love this New Year’s eve. Say thank you  to the departing 2017 for last year .  To a great 2018!

SCORPIO:**** A new luck  cycle started this past Fall. The first year of this cycle is considered the luckiest.

Toss a New Year’s Eve party. Invite friends and loved ones to join and help you christen this very special year. Take turns sharing your New Year resolutions at the same time sipping and relishing your champagne.

Know no matter how out of control life gets, you will land and land well at that. For someone who loves control, trusting that the end result will be great could be difficult during moments of chaos.  You can do it.

Relationships in general sometimes act like volcanos in your life. You never know when they  will blow. Your middle name becomes “excitement”. Single Scorps could see the annihilation of several potential love relationships. The other party was not in tune with your energy. Have confidence in your desirability. Count on your sixth sense to tell you when you have met”the right one”. It will.

This year is wish upon a star time.  Throw out your lucky rabbit’s foot. You will not need it. 2018 will be a year to remember.

SAGITTARIUS: **** You might be pinching yourself New Year’s Eve. You cannot believe how very different you feel than you have for the last two and half years. That transformation alone is worth  your own personal  bottle of champagne, opened  before anyone joins you.. 2018 your spirit  will soar.

Daily life seems wired for excitement and change which does not bother you. You would get bored with the tried and true. Your job takes on a new dimension which draws your intense interest. You are drawn to weird way out diets and health solutions.

On the domestic front, a dreamy, Neptunian haze surrounds your life. You often might not be sure what is happening, Truth be told, you do not care either. Your imagination easily can fill in the gaps. Just do a reality check every so often. Make sure everyone around you  is happy in their Neptunian cloud. Also check if there are any leaks in your home which is.a strong possibility this year. Know in your heart there is nothing you cannot handle...then once more, smile and take a sip of your special champagne. Happy New Years Sag.

CAPRICORN: ***Yes you have done this New Year’s eve stint for years. You might even be a little bored by the scenario. You are in the process of making a large personal transformation that could bring you to a mental framework where you will enjoy nearly every component of  living. You just aren’t there yet.This passage is lengthy and will transforming most goats .

You might be likely to put yourself through some hoops this year,-rarely making life easy for you. The end results, you will come out when the time is right-like a child looking at his or her world for the first time. You will stop and be amazed at the beauty of a rose or be enchanted by how your cat stretches. 

Do not be too serious in 2018. Pop a bottle champagne  New Year’s Eve and remember your mantra for this year-”keep it light”. Remember this moment.   If you do, you might even see a long term dream come to fruition this year. Just stay on course.

AQUARIUS:**** You perk  up with excitement as New Year’s Eve comes into fruition. You might not even understand all this joyfulness. Your imagination has started to take the lead in problems solving as well as creating great times. Instead of getting stuck on details, you flex and let go.  Congratulate yourself on this new found trait. Take a  quiet sip of your 2018 Happy New Year champagne. No one needs to notice. Pat yourself on the back.

2018 thrusts moments of upheaval on the domestic front . The unexpected often comes through your personal life like lightning. Nothing will be the same after this year. Embrace that thought. Trust it will be for the better as you strap in your seat belt. 

Romance could punctuate your life in an odd way. Imagine out of the blue comes a former Knight in Shining Armor, just as you were about to commit to someone in your present life...

Know we all should have such problems. Keep a diary, Someday you might want to share 2018 with loved ones and/or a dear friend.

PISCES: ****The fish can swim through rough waters , raging surf as easily as making his way down a flowing river. After mid-May you might at times take a turn to find yourself in rough seas. You can handle it even if you hit an undertow. Can those around you handle it? When you become too tired to swim, you suddenly find yourself in beautiful clear Caribbean-colored waters. 

The ups and downs are worth it. You alone perceive the end results of this present path because of Neptune’s present position in your sign.. You know where you are going and you know why but explaining it is a different story.. Your ability to detach and eye the big picture keeps a smile on your face. Verbalizing this direction might be difficult. You are in the midst of a realizing a long term dream.

Pisces, others  celebrate and rejoice the New Year and its entrance with champagne. Do not forget you too have reason to celebrate! You just might want to sip some champagne  and  make a quiet toast to  reverie and imagination.. Wait until you see what these gifts bring!