The Year Ahead

Happy New Years! As of January 1, 2019 I will be taking readings again. Please email me if interested!


Some cultures believe that the first day of the year provides clues to your next year. In your case, New Year’s Day has some stellar markers. This year could be as good as it gets.

Fiery Mars, your ruling planet enters Aries within hours of 2018 waving goodbye. A few hours before midnight, pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and, on the first day of the year, you walk onstage as a lead player.

You will get what you want in 2019. Expect to be in the limelight, a good part of 2019. You will have some help from the other planets too.
With this increased power and visibility, you will surmount problems with ease.

If you can dream it, you can make it so.

Not every hour, day, or week will be easy, of course. Expect tension when the Sun is in Cancer, especially around a domestic issue. When the Sun is in your opposite sign, Libra, the planets will give you a report card as to how well you are living your year. If you experience a lot of flak, you might want to make a course correction. December 20, when the Winter Solstice begins, you might feel overly burdened by responsibilities.

Lady Luck walks hand in hand with you when you let go and stop insisting you are right. Detach at that point and imagine walking in another person’s shoes. Through detachment and compassion, most of your successful solutions will appear.

Sometimes you find this present world demanding. You give as much as you can to adjust, and meet up to expectations. This response works but nevertheless frustration could rear its ugly head.

The final month of 2019, you will finally start reaping the rewards of your attitudes and approach to life. You have given a lot thought about moving, changing of lifestyles, and work.

Finally, you get the green light. You will be surprised at your response. You could be quite content with your life December 2019.


Do you remember the earthbound, stable, sometimes rigid bull that lives within you? Well, kiss that image goodbye. Those around you better strap in their seat belts. You begin evolving as a person, full of surprises and the unexpected in 2019.  

Some of you might not appreciate receiving your personal lightning bolts. These bolts carry a message. If you get the message, they will become less frequent or non-existent. The planets’ message to you is to eliminate the unnecessary, the frivolous and what adds confusion to your life.

You will find as you shed complications, you start smiling more.  Whether you accept this transformation or not, your love life will also become a source of happiness as well.

If single, someone enters your life - that adds depth and glee to your days. You appreciate the depth and ensuing discussions yet you marvel at this person’s ability to let go and be silly. This bond will be highly sexual and intense.

If attached,  your relationship gains financially. Your partner also could get a pay raise. Financially you might make a big purchase together.  Expect greater happiness because of your sweetie’s existence in your life. You also might add a new addition to the family.

You will be more prone to taking risks, Just pick and choose them carefully. You will be unusually lucky with money this year.

Be open to making changes. Be open to getting past rigid thinking,

Your year will be all the better if you do. Some of you will travel more exposing you to different cultures and systems of thinking. Others will take a course or two which will open their mind. What is clear is that your mind will be opening to a new world of thoughts.

You have many dreams. You will be inspired to take a new path, if not this year, then in the next few years.


Everyone counts on your friendly and happy ways.

Others will note a new quality evolving from you on a deeper level. You become warmer and more accepting. You also find others more receptive and open than in the past. The exchange between you and others will nearly always be positive.

You will be very lucky through your various partners and connections. If single, you could finally meet “the one”. If you need to always be in control, you might have difficulty with the person you are attracting. He or she will be expansive and relate to many people.

If you are a person who looks at life as the cup being half empty, by the end of 2019, you will nearly have erased that old, stale thinking. That update will directly reflect the special people in your life, some of whom enter your life this year.

Financial benefits from one of these associations will be likely anywhere from December of 2019. Do not strain your imagination deciding how this scenario plays out.

You often share too much; this year, you might become more mum. You will experience sudden insights and could be stunned by these revelations. You will often be in your head, mulling over ideas. Take good care of yourself. Do yoga for stress, and you will enjoy your year more.

Be careful: you could be in the midst of manifesting a long-term dream. This dream might take several years to manifest. However, a jealous person might be deceptive about what they think or say. Not everyone is as nice as you!


You might have to push yourself to think in the long term, especially when looking at your future. Your moods can change by the hour. Some days, you might feel as if you have experienced a whole year in that short time. You have a steel-trap mind when it comes to the past. 

This year, you might find that you are busier than you thought possible. The planet of Luck works with your daily life and routine. You could get a pay raise or promotion. You also appear to enjoy yourself more when out and about with coworkers, friends, or loved ones.

The one issue that emerges with this expansion and an upbeat period is weight gain. If you can remember that one chocolate bar counts as two chocolate bars, you might even lose some weight. If you have a medical problem, even a serious one, you are likely to come out fine. Nothing replaces a checkup with the doctor or the dentist though. Take good care of yourself.

Relationships have tested your endurance, especially a long-term bond. The person you might choose could seem like your opponent. They could be grim at times, serious yet responsible. Letting down their hair and loving every moment of some wild dancing might be unlikely until December 2019. This person might be going through some changes, hence they could be distant or controlling. If you can, be patient. The best is yet to come.

You will discover if you have not done so yet, that you will nearly always land on your feet if you follow your sixth sense or intuition. Often, you will find that you need to reverse tracks suddenly. You will discover that these changes keep pointing you to the right path. For some of you, this path will lead to marriage, a special opportunity involving travel, or the manifestation of a long-term dream.

Trust needs to be a word you say to yourself in moments of instability. You will get the first glimpse of what trust will give you in December 2019.


You have cleared a year of excess. How and where the excesses hit depended on your chart and your choices. This year, your choices will still be there, but you will jump right in and live life to the fullest.

No sign loves love like a Leo, and who do I see strolling down the street right behind you? Cupid with his arrows. He might not hit bingo the first or second time, but trust that he will. Needless to say, your love life spices up considerably, as you date may be one or two people until Cupid’s aim is perfect. With this intense focus on love and romance, you will beam from ear to ear in 2019. Everyone might think you have a perfect life.

Your creativity soars with your libido, your energies nearly touching the sky. If attached, a new addition to your family becomes possible. You and your significant other act like bunnies, so be careful.

With all this attention on the best part of life, you will have to discipline yourself to work and handle the less joyous areas of your life. Try not to forget to go to the office, please. However, you will be very happy if you work from home. Do arrange that possibility. Also, with all this energy your body will be exerted, it is important to go for your yearly checkup.

You will find solutions with ease, no matter what slams into your path. Your biggest issue this year will be learning to breathe deeply when the unexpected smacks into you. Please remember—if any sign can handle uproar, it is yours.

As you allow your emotions to play a large role in your year, you can focus your energy and thoughts on positive resolutions. Drop the words “no” and “impossible” from your vocabulary.

Pop a bottle of champagne at the end of 2019. You were given the gift of a very special year.


You will draw an inspirational personality towards you this year. You might be very idealistic about this person or put them on a pedestal. Unfortunately, when someone is on a pedestal, there is only one way they can go—down. In this case, if a new friend, loved one, or partner is on a pedestal, your lack of realism will produce a sense of disappointment at a later point. For everyone’s sake, please be more anchored in your perspective of your loved ones and friends.

Your vision and how you communicate could be dominant features of 2019. You will often be asked to share your perspective on various matters. If it involves your relationship, you are likely to be off target.

Someone you meet, perhaps when taking a workshop, could evolve into a very special friend. For some of you, this person could be the other party in a second marriage. He or she seems to come from a different culture than you.

Holding down your day to day life could be wild. You seem to be hit by a constant barrage of unexpected news, happenings, and events. Learning to be flexible could be very important to your wellbeing. If you don’t communicate, you become quiet, sullen, and maybe brooding. Holding in your thoughts and feelings might simply not work. Others do care about what you think and feel. Be aware: look at their way of listening and handling your thoughts.

Your limitation, at least for now, is that you become uptight and withdraw when relating on a one-to-one level. Your single dating life does not flow as you might like. You feel a sense of insecurity and that the other party is too withdrawn to really care. Your feelings might be off. This person is working with intense feelings revolving around relating. He or she will transform during the period you’re together.

If attached, you might be anxious to have a concrete manifestation of your love and caring. You might enjoy the process of making it so and not be too concerned if you and your sweetie do not produce an immediate manifestation. The two of you enjoy your home life together as well as your house.

As you nestle into 2019, make a wish list. You will be able to manifest at least one of your wishes in the next year.  You will see a lot of changes come forward. Count on 2019 being full of excitement.


You will sometimes find others overzealous. It is also possible that you might not feel part of the “group.” You might be more involved with a financial matter than you or others thought was possible.

This year, be aware of the implications of your choices. You might believe you have it together, but you may not. Your strength this year will revolve around your ability to sort facts from fantasy. Your word choice and sense of diplomacy help you draw others towards you.

Your influence will be experienced by many of your friends or loved ones. You might want to break past certain restrictions that could have been self-imposed. You will smile more as you express yourself this year. You seem to nearly be able to read others’ minds. Your communications flourish naturally, yet reveal a lot about you and those in your life.

You might be even more upbeat than in the recent past. Your attitude plus your fun suggestions melt barriers between you and others. Ask and you shall receive. Your openness will create a similar effect on others.

If attached, use caution around finances. You might think you have everything under control, but, in reality, when this assumption is tested, you might find out otherwise. You have a planet that functions like a Jack in the Box in the area of joint finances. If there is going to be an uproar in any area of your life, it will be the area of joint finances. You never know when this planet will pop! This planet tends to shake up the status quo. Sometimes for the better. One never knows.

Your social life grows exponentially this year, and you might find yourself quite busy. Your phone rings. You are getting texts. This popularity could be part of the status quo.

Still, your domestic life holds a high priority for you. Do not let a family member or roommate take the wind out of your sails. He or she might simply be trying to reassess and make valid changes. This person also could be quite depressed. Be sensitive to their needs.


This New Year’s Eve, the Moon is in your sign. Make sure you do not wave in 2019 alone.  The Moon in your sign on New Year’s Eve and Day promises an emotional but noteworthy year. Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate this positive omen.

You could reach a financial peak this year if you use a little self-discipline. This peak could be one that will not be repeated. For another 12 years, Do take advantage of the moment. Both good and bad risks are likely to be presented to you. Do not be fearful of change, but choose where you want to take risks with care.  How you handle your money has long-term implications.

You seem to be unusually serious this year. You will relate to many people. Some of these people could have excellent communication skills. You enjoy chatting with them and the repartee that is exchanged. You could have a lot of fun. Your social life will be intense, though there will be periods where you will need to relax. Take the luxury of doing nothing and just daydreaming.

The likelihood of attracting the opposite sex remains sky high.

The Moon is in your sign this New Year adding to the strength of your personality. Make a commitment or resolution to not dominate others. Let them show their true colors or commitment.

You might meet someone of significance to your life, as long as you do not waste time with someone you know will not work for you. You are also likely to become quite possessive of a loved one. Relax; the person is with you by choice. They want to be with you, or else they would be long gone. You have set up a strong foundation to relate from. Trust in each other, and what you nurture in 2019 will begin to be fulfilled when the year ends.


Every 12 years you start a new luck cycle, the first year being one of the luckiest. As 2018 turns to 2019, you will be in the first few months of the first year of your new luck cycle.

Sometimes, there is a craziness with the new luck cycle, as too much could be happening at once. Perhaps it’s all good, but it’s nevertheless overwhelming. You will need to use all of your techniques to help achieve calmness if you want to be sedated and seem together. On the other hand, you will have every reason to get on the roof and scream and cheer.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, resides in your sign encouraging you to take a walk on the wild side this year. You will want to risk, and when a strong risk comes by, you are likely to plow right in. Though there are no guarantees in life, your odds of success soar in 2019,

You will have the energy to complete anything you take on with flair and success. Some of you will experience a need for growth, more wisdom, and spirituality. Others could discover their waistlines billowing out in this expansion cycle.

When at home, you feel mysteriously at peace and as if generous mystical energy surrounds you. Sometimes, your comfort at home might be so great, you will not want to emerge from the house.

Make sure you remember this year that money does not grow on trees. Use your Jupiterian powers to the max to help others have a good year—and as for yourself, don’t worry. If there was a perfect year, it would be yours to have.

Romance, goodwill, luck, and money all flow. Oh yes—and Jupiter might encourage you to bring a new pet home!


No question about it, you have been going through what might feel like a heavy period. Two major planets have been traversing your sign.

Pluto is the planet that rules the Phoenix, the legendary bird that burns up and dies, only to experience rebirth as a far more beautiful creature. Expect to profoundly change during this period when Pluto is in your sun sign. You could draw your share of bullies with this transition, too. You will learn to deal with them effectively.

You also have your ruling planet, Saturn transiting your sign. This planet, Saturn is at ease in your sign but still demanding. It forces the acceptance of responsibilities. For those 58 years or older, this transition is far easier than you would anticipate. Saturn represents old age and wisdom, which one tends to exemplify during the aging process. With Saturn in your sign, you will pass one of life’s major milestones.

You will have the opportunity of beginning a new life and luck cycle. December 2019. All the recent issues you have experienced will give you the wisdom you need.


You smile at your friends and loved ones this year as you get more into them than you have been for a while. Some of you will be adding a new person or two to your life who will illuminate your days and nights. You live for friendship, and you will receive just that.

Consider what you really want this year and in the following years, as you are likely to manifest just that without hardly a problem. You also might have a particular goal you want to manifest. Now is the time. Start talking about it, and take the path in that direction. You might find that you can achieve your dream far more quickly than you believed possible.

 On reflection, you will find 2019 has been a roll, and a fun one at that. Starting December 2019, You might wonder what direction you want to head now. You might play with this thought for quite a while. You express wisdom and strength in your choices. Do not pressure yourself. Just live, love and laugh.

Use care with funds, as they could drip out of your hands if you are not careful. You want to be solid in this area. It will help you manifest your dreams when the time is right.


With your ruling planet Neptune in your sign, dreams, music, and romance all fill your head with their unique tunes.

 You might see life from a distorted point of view. Do you really care? Not at all, because you will be sure you are reality-bound. You cannot see your world anyway but through your rose-colored shades. Every so often, a ray of reality might break through, but not for long enough to bother you.

If a friend or loved one keeps pulling you aside and trying to force you to see another perspective, know you could be a victim of your own distortions - and you still might not care. Is life not as we perceive it?

You can trust that tremors will enter your life if you are too far off, or someone who you love and trust might say something so far-fetched that you know you are not speaking the same language. Know that you are still in your Neptunian cloud with no intention of leaving it. All is wonderful in your world yet others see what you do not see-cold reality colored by their perspective.

A friendship could become difficult or be tested this year. You might want to wipe it out of your life or just ignore the issues. Yes, this person is demanding, but you care about them. Come December 2019, you will finally have a meeting of the minds. The good times will start up again as you once more expand your social circle.