"Love & the Stars"

This column premiered in The Philadelphia Daily News in 1978. Wishing you a five star weekend.

Love and the Stars for Sept.14,2018

 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Others note your intensity and
adventuresome drive which emerges early in the weekend. You are not
up for any clinging vine, you want the company of a soulmate, someone
who wants and enjoys adventure as much as you. Whether taking off
solo or duo, your companion appears and seems to meet your standard.
The only question is:how wild will you get once you are together?*****

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You like your pasture, and plan to spend
most of your weekend sunning yourself and fantasizing. Wait-who is
the sexy bull looking in at your digs?. Be smart do invite this horned
individual in. The fun starts immediately! *****The grass is greener in
your pasture.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) If I remember correctly, you are the
person who draws others in with your flexibility and multi dimensional
personality. Could anyone ask for more? It seems so. Someone will
choose to make you their companion. How do you feel about this implicit
demand? Most likely intrigued yet more intriguing may very well be
the person who seems to be ignoring you but isn’t. You have ****choices
to make.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) The Moon child might have strong feelings
as to what they want to do this weekend. Finding agreement with
anyone else other than a fellow or sister Moon Child could be close to
impossible. Hang out,, don’t push but do not expect a sterling
weekend...maybe ***, but it is your call.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You simply seem to live for the weekends.
With your innate enthusiasm and romantic skills, one cannot be
surprised, Others want to play and join in with a game of chase, hunt,
or finally you are my prey. Do not bruise any egos about their game
style. Few have your skills, Now past chase, let’s play scratch, stroke,
comb my mane and purr.. Do that and you greet a *****few days,

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You are fussy-you know that-don’t you.?
Please note one little criticism and the bench holding your admirers
seems to vanish. Consider carefully if you might want to change your
style. What others do not realize is you are the most critical about you.
Sulk all you want but use this weekend to take stock of your love life.
You have the power to change it.***

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) The most romantic sign of the zodiac could
give a lesson or two to some novices in the area of amor. Your skills
peak this weekend, Even if the wrong words fall out of your mouth, a
gazing, wishing-they- were- yours admirer just grins and grins some
more, Pray tell, what are you going to do about this tasty morsel? Do
not let them guess too long. *****will then be yours to have,

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Everyone knows that Scorpio is a
possessive and/or jealous sign. Do not even try to hide that
characteristic.No one worth their salt cares. They feel flattered when
the greened monster hits. They love your jealousy. They feel cared
about-at least the right person for you will feel that way. Sort through
your present collection and you can make some strong decisions. ***.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Since when have you become the
personality kid of the neighborhood? Use this weekend well as you will
demonstrate extraordinary social skills-way beyond what one would
anticipate knowing you. Seize this moment and add some dynamic
energy towards your love life, your lover or wannabe lover. You can have
it all-right now.***** Go for it.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) What is this-why do you always have to
the climb the highest mountain? No one will follow you, except maybe
another goat. How does this help your love life? Think about what you
want past a torrid one night which becomes possible. Ask yourself: now
what? You got it.***Think long and hard.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) The friendship sign gets rewarded for
being such a good person. Suddenly that friend decides to let you know
how they really feel about you. Don’t get the shivers, go for
*****romance and toss yourself into this very special weekend. No
excuses. Please.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) `When the fish paces out of nervousness
or waiting,they try to swim in both directions simultaneously. We hate
to let you know that feat is impossible. Tread water as only a fish can
do. You will be ready to reel in that sexy bass that comes by, You want
them don;t you? **** Nothing is stopping you now.

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If you been a reader of this blog from the first day, you will know the only reason I started blogging was my son Geoffrey. The Washington Post at that time called him the guru of blogging. Then he decided to use his power against his mom for mom.

Dear President Obama, "Mercury retrograde..."

I imagine you are having a fit with the Obamacare website going south. I hate to tell you but it might be until mid-November,- if then, before you see a substantial. change for the better.

Relationships / Solstice Points / Part 4
I am now going into something I became aware of as a new astrologer. Solstice points exist for every degree of the zodiac. Each planet in your chart has a Solstice Point. Mars Leaving Cancer about to enter Leo

Thank you for reading this blog. I know I have been neglecting my blog, long story, When and of we want to talk aspects and transits we can. My mind of late has been thinking about MARS.

This week I had a client write me. Something I had predicted in his chart came true. He asked would I like to go through the rest of his reading and give him the odds if they would come out. The big transits always produce a change.

The Daily column can be accessed on the side of this blog; this is its new home..

A blog written several weeks ago discussed Uranus going direct. I said that I personally liked it when Uranus goes direct because of the excitement this planet brings. This weekend past,Uranus went direct.

"I am not going to look at my chart"
I am not going to look at my chart. I am not. I went to update my website, which I do every evening. I put in the next day's horoscope. I have a login and a password.

Today I was told my trial period is over. I have been with the same system for over 13 months.

Uranus Is At Work
I personally like Uranus and all the excitement it brings. It is full of surprises. When this planet goes direct or retrograde, sometimes if it is aspected well in a chart well, one gets a wonderful wish fulfilled. not as one might expect, but it is fulfilled.

Mars Retro..Stop, Breath and Reflect.
It is time to check in. How has Mars Retrograde impacted you? Mars is anger, sex and energy for starters. Are you unusually angry? How do you express it? What about your sex life? (excuse me) Do you have the same energy as usual? Start looking in these areas.

Coming up: A Mutual Reception
Sounds sexy doesn't it? Mutual reception.

Let's start talking about Mercury going Retrograde on March 12. Most of you know by now what a Mercury Retrograde does to you, though the sign the retrograde is in- colors the events.

Do You Have Attitude?
Recently I had a friend/astrologer relate to me what a whooper of a month November was going to be. Hard, unsettling etc. I smiled at her as another friend came up to us with a t-shirt saying: This is a great day. The irony was not lost on me.

There Is No Teacher Like history
Often when I am baffled about a situation , I go back into history for answer. This procedure is particularly viable in astrology. In fact, this process played a major role in my learning of astrology.

More on Solstice Points and Today's Planets.
The most read blog I have EVER done is about relationships and the Solstice Points. I will include it at the bottom of this blog. If- in a compatibility, a person's planets hits one of the other party's solstice points, it is a strong connection.

Jupiter: Moving Along. Did You Get Its Message in Pisces?
It has been this astrologer's observation that when a major planet, in this case, Jupiter, changes signs, it often delivers a final kick. The days before usually carry some personal message especially to the person who might not have 100% got its message.

Part 4: The Sun and Moon, Reflections On One's Ability To Relate
As an astrologer, nothing makes me happier than telling someone their chart reflects a strong ability to relate. However that does not necessarily mean at the point I tell then this, they are having an easy time relating--usually it is the opposite.

Part 3 : Your Sun and Moon: What They Reveal About Relating
Another combination that spells trouble is the sun/moon square. That is when the sun and the moon are approximately 90 degrees apart.

Part 2: Your Sun and Moon Reveals Your Relationship Issues. Full Moon Babies
The Full Moon chart is alo a combo that speaks relationship issues. This combo looks like sun in one sign and the moon in the opposite sign. Let's say Sun in Aries-Moon in Libra is an example.

The sun is man in a woman's chart. It is the man in his chart. In a woman's chart the moon is her .

Part 1: How Does Your Sun Touch Your Moon? They Speak About Your Relationships.
Many of you understand the full nature of this Venus Retrograde. It is interesting in the last weeks how many men and women have surfaced with relationship issues about those in their past. "Four years later, I am dreaming of him. Will he contact me?".

Vedic Astrology, Gems, Eclipses and Etc.
So many excuses as to why I have not been present.

But I have. To be a good astrologer, I must toss myself in the whirlwind of living. Sometimes I have way too much fun to get out.

Using Negative Aspects To Empower Us
In a conversation, a friend said: opposites are the same. I was quiet...thinking how can opposites be the same if they are opposites? That statement denied what I believed to be reality, at that moment.

Opinions Please: Love of Your Life
I have had a run on questions in my astrology practice. When they are not about money, they about love. I take these issues very seriously.

Part 2: Understanding Your Mars
As I mentioned in the past blog, though Mars has gone direct, does not mean the issues over anger will vanish. It is still prime time for working on them. In fact, it will be easier with Mars direct. You have an excellent period in the next two months to do this work.

The Good And The Bad : Yes We Are Speaking Of Mars Retro
Mars ends its backward jig this coming week, in fact, March 8. This phase about to complete can be difficult and painful to many, especially if they have not dealt with their anger issues, specifically-how they express their rage.

The Face of Evil I sometimes go around and ponder different issues, sometimes they stem from astrology, or the people I meet. Other times I really consider an issue which has come to light and then study it astrologically.

Evil is such a heavy word. I often wonder if someone can truely be evil.

To Your Next year!
I will be writing more in the next few days about the New Year trends, though I will go across the signs, and discuss the transits in a more mundane fashion. Below is simply the very brief copy for the newspapers about your 2010. Remember to read at least your sun, moon and rising sign.
Uranus direct reminds us of the Uranus Saturn opposition again
Probably a more full body of information has been written on the Uranus/Saturn opposition than ever before, thanks to blogs and the Internet. More thought has been given to this powerful opposition than in the past.

Thinking Of Saturn
Saturn often gets a bad rap, and more often than not lately, I feel I am the sole defender of the planet of responsibility and maturity.

I have two clients- one is quite knowledgeable in astrology but always is blaming everything on Saturn. So much so she has changed her rising degree.

Broken Heart Alley
How many of you have had a broken heart?

As an astrologer, there is not a day that goes by that I don't deal with a broken heart. I have a whole arsenal of sometimes meaningful statements, but the issue of what works best presents itself.

Dear Blog,

I have been edgy about you, especially about not attending to you. It is not that I do not love writing and sharing with all the people who read you, it is I am so overwhelmed.

Part 8: Relationship Series: Communications

I have waited awhile before addressing Mercury , the ruler of communications and its impact on relationships, all relationships in fact. I wanted to do some processing.

The Sun moves into the sign Virgo on August 22 a sign ruled by Mercury and in three weeks we go into a Mercury Retrograde.

Fun For Astrology Students
Many of you who are just learning astrology and get stunned/overwhelmed by aspects, houses, or how to put the chart together could enjoy this simple way of looking at a chart.

Part 7: Transforming With Your Compatible Relationship, Fulfilling Your Potential Individually And As A Couple
As we go over the many factors that are necessary to make a relationship successful, we cannot forget the human element. You can have a perfect compatibility and still not have the tie work.

The Purpose Of A Relationship: The Composite Chart (Part 6: Relationship Series)
I like to use the composite chart to determine the answer to that question. That type of chart is based on the midpoints of both people's planets and ascendant. The purpose is determined by the whole complexion of the new chart but also where the composite sun falls in the chart and its aspects.

Relationships: The Importance Of A Jupiter Tie --Part 5

We have discussed the following:

1. The Role of the Individuals Sun and Moon in Defining Intimacy Needs.
2. The Importance of the Sun and Moon Dancing with Our Sweetie's Sun and Moon.
3. The Role of Mars and Venus
4. Saturn Ties
5. Solstice Ties as Hooks.

Remember the movie or movies when an eclipse occurs and the primitive people of that film script think the world is ending? Sometimes when I see people upset with the knowledge but not the understanding of an eclipse, I am reminded of those scenes. The sky darkens, the winds etc..

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